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Magister 3 Tone

Our 3 Tone Yearly Collection comes in a range of stunning colours these 3 tone lenses create a glamorous look. These lenses are visible on light and dark eyes. 

These contact lenses can be worn for up to a year (in combination with nightly removal, proper disinfecting and storage). 

Contact Lenses should never be worn longer than 8 hours if possible. Please remove contact lenses whilst sleeping, showering and swimming. In case of any redness or irritation stop wearing the Lenses and consult your Optician. 

Advice: Wearing coloured contact lenses will vary depending on your original eye colour, face shape, makeup, lighting and your skin complexion.

No Refunds / No Exchange

One Box Contains 2 Contact Lenses + Free Contact Lens Case

(CE & ISO Approved Contact Lenses)