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Bella Glow

Our Bella Glow Yearly lenses comes in a variety of different and exciting shades, these lenses gives a vibrant look. If your looking to enhance  your eyes, these contact lenses are the right lenses for you. We have a range of colours for you to choose from.

You can now enjoy your new contact lenses, as these contact lenses can be worn for up to a Year (in combination with nightly removal, proper disinfecting and storage). 

Contact Lenses should never be worn longer than 8 hours if possible. Please remove contact lenses whilst sleeping, showering and swimming. In case of any redness or irritation make sure that the contact lenses are clean and stored properly. In case of stronger redness or pain, always consult an eye care specialist or eye doctor.

Advice: Wearing coloured contact lenses will vary depending on your original eye colour, face shape, makeup, lighting and your skin complexion.

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One Box Contains 2 Contact Lenses + Free Contact Lens Case

(CE & ISO Approved Contact Lenses)