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Contact Lenses Guide

How to place contact lenses in the eye

Step-by-step instructions

  1. First, wash your hands thoroughly and dry them well.
  2. Open your contact lens case and use your fingertip to put the first contact lens in your non-dominant hand.
  3. Rinse the lens with contact lens solution. Never use regular water.
  4. Put the lens on the top of the index or middle finger of your dominant hand.
  5. Check to make sure the lens is not damaged and that the correct side is facing up. The edges of the lens should turn up to form a bowl, not flip out. If it’s inside out, gently flip it. If the lens is damaged, do not use it.
  6. Look in the mirror and hold your upper and lower eyelids open with the hand not holding the lens.
  7. Look in front of you or up toward the ceiling and place the lens in your eye.
  8. Close your eye slowly and either roll your eye around or press gently on the eyelid to settle the lens in place. The lens should feel comfortable, and you should be able to see clearly after blinking a few times. If it is not comfortable, gently take out the lens, rinse it, and try again.
  9. Repeat with the second lens.
How to remove contact lenses from the eye

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly and dry them well.
  2. Use the middle finger of your dominant hand to gently pull down your lower eyelid on one eye.
  3. While looking up, use the index finger of that same hand to gently pull the lens down to the white part of your eye.
  4. Pinch the lens with your thumb and index finger and remove from your eye.
  5. After you remove the lens, put it in the palm of your hand and wet it with contact solution. Gently rub it for about 30 seconds to remove any mucus, dirt, and oil.
  6. Rinse the lens, then place it in a contact lens case and cover it completely with contact solution.
  7. Repeat with the other eye.
What to do if a lens is uncomfortable

What to do if a lens is uncomfortable

  1. If you have just started wearing contact lenses, know that they may feel slightly uncomfortable for the first few days. This is more common with hard lenses.
  2. If your eye feels dry once you have put in your lens, try using moisturising drops made specifically for contacts.
  3. If a lens feels scratchy, hurts, or irritates your eye after putting it in, follow these steps:
  4. First, do not rub your eyes. This can damage your contact lens or increase the discomfort.
  5. Wash and dry your hands well. Then remove the lens and rinse it thoroughly with contact lens solution. This can get rid of any dirt or debris that may be stuck to the lens, making it feel uncomfortable.
  6. Inspect the lens carefully to make sure it is not torn or damaged. If it is, discard the lens and use a new Lens.
  7. If the lens is not damaged, carefully reinsert it into your eye once it has been thoroughly rinsed and cleaned.
  8. If your lens is often uncomfortable and the above steps do not work, or you also have redness or burning, stop wearing your lenses and see your eye Doctor.
What are the symptoms of an eye infection?

What are the symptoms of an eye infection?

  1. It is important to know the symptoms that could indicate an eye infection. Some of the most common symptoms include:
  2. Redness and swelling in your eye
  3. Eye pain
  4. Light sensitivity
  5. Eye watering
  6. Discharge from your eyes
  7. Blurred vision
  8. Irritation or a feeling that something is in your eye.
  9. If you have any of these symptoms, follow up with your doctor right away.
Contact Lenses Overview


Safely putting in and taking out your contact lenses is crucial for the health of your eyes.

Always be sure to wash your hands before handling your contact lenses, clean them thoroughly with contact lens solution before putting them in or after taking them out, and never sleep in them.

Never use Tap water to clean the Contact Lenses or Lens Case

If you notice any redness, swelling, or discharge from your eyes, or have blurred vision or eye pain, be sure to follow up with your doctor immediately.

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